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Based in:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

They say mom knows best, and in my case, she did when she bought me a watercolor kit back in 2009. I was 14 year olds back then; time flies! Growing up, I used to go out in nature and enjoy looking at things. Then one day, mom bought me a camera. From there, I took pictures of what I wanted to paint and grew a lot more. She really does know best!

People have been saying to me for years, “Wow, I LOOOOOVE your work, you should go out there and sell it!” Well one day, I got tired and did just that. Sometimes, the best teachers are yourself because you get to learn your own techniques. That’s why I’m a self-taught watercolor artist.

When I paint, I get so caught up in my work that time doesn’t seem to exist. I try to make paintings that show the complexity and beauty of nature in a simplified way.



Art Galleries


Mathieu's painting have been in various exhibitions in the Maritimes. His art has been showcased in a few local galleries around the Greater Moncton Region and have been shipped all around the world.

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