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Interface Designer in the Office
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Mathieu Hébert

UX & Web Designer

Business Owner


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Based in:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Who am I?

For starters, I wear a lot of hats in my daily life. I graduated from Google Coursera in UX Design, Social Media Management & Digital Marketing. I specialize in enhancing brands of small business entrepreneurs through their retail and/or online business by focusing on what the users truly wants.

Being a small business owner myself, I know the hardship of the process. Nonetheless, that is what drives me to get results that actually matters. I can truly understand things from a business owner perspective, which drastically help my clients. 

Having an artistic background in music as well as art throughout the years have brought me vast knowledge which helps me make precise decisions. As long it's related to business or art in all of it sense, I am passionate about it. 

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Work Desk
Product Design



Watercolor Art

Humble Beginnings

Self-taught in watercolor since 2009, I have been passionate about art ever since. I have perfected my skills where I was able to teach others the hardest paint medium there is. 



La Maison De La Culture

Event Organiser

Through organizing cultural events for this non-profit community association, I was put in charge of planing their website. This was the first time I've ever though about design & website together. I was  was instantly hooked into it. 


Vitalite Health Network

Assistant Manager

Managing prowess, Leadership expertise, communication excellence & team work are key skills that helped shape the person I am today.


The Acorn Studio


I realized a dream, opening my very first business. In a month, I went from finding the brand identity, designing the store aesthetics to opening the doors of the store. 2 years after, I moved the business solely online where I've built it from the ground up.



Irony Art


Using the skills I had learned & the fact it was the pandemics first lockdown, I have been using this time to create a side business. These handmade products are offered to both businesses & individuals. From the idea, branding for a website, I took the time to explore possibilities in this vast world of digital knowledge. 



Curt's General Marketplace

Website Administrator

I helped create the online marketplace for artisans & small business entrepreneurs of the Maritimes of this company. Also, I help create content for both clients & vendors through a blog platform.



UX, SMM'S & Digital Marketing Studies

Google & Coursera

With all that passion with a website, branding, marketing, social media & more, I decided to study it in order to get better at it with my own business ideas. 

Off work/Random/Passions

Piano Keys

Piano Classical Training for over 15 years


Fitness & Calesthenics

Watercolor Painting

Painting Watercolor since 2009

Small Earphones

Avid listener of music

(rock, alternative, pop)

Farmers Market

Supporting anything locally made

Forest Path

Plants, gardening & anything nature

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